Thomas Daniels Estate

Executor, Xchecker Bryce Thomas and his
brother Bob Daniels manage the estate

The brothers Bryce Thomas and Bob Daniels, who asked personally asked Ruby to age write in their ancestral dwelling are owners of the Grape Stomp.  The grape stomp is an ongoing tourist attraction situated in the middle of Oakes Valley.  The wines produced at the estate are good enough.  Not good enough for Paris, but good enough for the Kitely universe (or so they say).

Some cash is generated by the estate's wine distribution, but a larger bunch of proceeds is collected through tourist sales of picnic supplies, grape stained shoes, tee shirts that confirm the visitors stomped the grapes he is now drinking, and tickets to the amphitheater.   Bob was scheduled to meet with the virtual headset inventor at 7:00 pm PST, but the inventor never showed up.   He called his brother Bryce to let him know, but Bryce was suddenly called out of town.   Because the estate generates most of Oakes Valley tax revenues, the police are reticent to talk to their leading citizens.  Neither one is talking, and their wives hired legal counsel.

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