Sterling Fields

Gateway to Oakes Valley
Portal Passageway to Sterling Field

Sterling Fields is owned by the Anne Hardin family.   Their restaurant is located in the Poohkeepsietomeway sector of Midtown Arts Museum.  A secret passageway through the restaurant's grape arbors connects it to the fields.

The Hardins are from North Georgia.  They came to the valley by invitation,  endured the flood and emerged along with the other Valley residents when Ruby wrote in the age.  Anne's cousin Jacob manages the restaurant and grape fields.   There is talk he plans to move his fields to a less traveled location, but no one can afford to buy out the valley's gateway.  He is in the best position to know everyone that goes into and out of Oakes Valley.

When Jacob Hardin heard about the death of a famous virtual reality headset inventor, he  assumed it was accidental.   Ruby's world is always being revised to accommodate new versions of infrastructure.  She probably left behind a pothole somewhere, and the guy fell into it.  But  words like homicide and murder began to show up in her age writing.  Within a few weeks time he was asked about motives for killing a young and newly wealthy digital upstart.   Who in the valley would have a motive for murder?

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