Kirsten Pastures

The Magical Wine Blender Contraption is kept in
the Kirsten Pastures Manor House
The pastures to the far north of Oakes Valley is owned by Kirsten Rose, a You Tube video singer.   She lives in the valley part time.   She is somehow related to the Harrisons, who live to her south.   While the Harrisons keep horses at their detailed estate, she herds cows that no longer produce milk.   Its a hobby like feeding feral cats. No one in Oakes Valley appreciates the smell that waft their way, but they do understand Ms. Rose's insistence on doing good.

Ms. Rose was interviewed by the Oakes Hamlet Rag about what she saw the late afternoon of the murder.   Oakes Valley is never another time than late afternoon.   "I was out for my late day stroll, when I noticed two or three visitors arguing near the Grape Stomp.  Arguing is an Oakes Valley sport, so I paid no attention, until I saw someone cross in front of me on the horse trail that runs along the brick road.   I didn't see anyone else.  I don't know what happened to the third person.   For that matter I don't know anymore about any of it.   I am a law abiding publicity seeking singer.   Do you all post your articles on Facebook?  If not, I've just wasted my time."

Ms. Rose doesn't care whether the wine the estate produces gets bottled or not, but vineyard's houses the Oakes Valley wine blending machine.  No wonder Matt R. Dutton is looking into buying the place from wandering and rather clueless Kirsten Rose.

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