Two Sisters Farm

Of all the unlikeliest of residents who are murder suspects, the two sisters who own the farms are the most unlikely.   The don't sell or distribute wines.  The sell milk, and when the cows they keep get to old to milk, they send them over to Kirsten Pastures.

Jo and Susan Givens are sure they saw nothing and heard nothing the night of the accident.  The ladies  refuse to call it a murder.   They were baking oak nut cookies, and cherry berry bread like they do every other day of the year 1957.   Many small cafes and Valley gift shops sell their mouth watering and molasses sweet cookies to shoppers.   The sisters send their sweet children cookies and cakes every day.  Ruby never bakes any cookies or cakes.   She has no idea about where to start.
Two Sisters Farms Specializes in the
Production of Chocolate Milk - How fitting.
While Ruby storybuilds and rarely thinks of anyone but herself, the nefarious Matt R.  Dutton or the Midtown Ladies Guild, the sisters take up the devoted to family slack Ruby leaves behind.  They are known as the good, lovely and loyal sisters  Their motto is "never make a bad choice, particularly about killing someone, unless its for an appropriate and responsible purpose."  Ruby will drink some of their healthy Two Sisters milk to that!  Chocolate please.

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