Oakes Hamlet (Foreword)

Kenoakes Hotel  view of Perpetual Seas Bay
The Seas Connect Every Midtown Exhibit
Oakes Valley was written in 2011 by Midtown Arts Museum curator, Ruby O'Degee at the request of Dr. Matt R. Dutton, Geneticist.   For a sum of money willed by the Diego Estate and  too large to expose,  Ruby reluctantly agreed to writing a showplace community.  It is not her style.   And a showplace did not come about.   The last clue Mrs Diego could withstand was the Kenoakes Hotel.   Ruby and her forever in Portugal husband honeymooned there, and Ruby wrote it after one day of missing him.

So, Dr. Dutton and Mrs. Diego are not happy.  Ruby's extended family, the Powell's are not happy, because they showed up in the story after Ruby unfriended them on Facebook.

Sometime in the fall of 1957 (*age time), a murder got committed on the grounds of the Grape Stomp.  The Midtown Ladies Guild is not happy with Ruby either. A corpse, crime scene tape and blood spatters are not going to entice vacationeers to spend money in Oakes Valley. Tourist dollars fund museum projects.

All plans for Hamlet gift shops, a 3 region putt-putt course (Sophia Diego family tradition) and a world famous indoor water slide park came to a halt.   Ruby took time off from the job she was paid to finish, so that she help the hapless Oakes Valley Constables organize an investigation.   When explorer/detectives can take over, Ruby will agree to return to the work of building.

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