Harrison Vineyard

Harrison Vineyards,  Home to the finest horses
and the most delicious grapes

Gabe and Yvonne Harrison own the Harrison Vineyard.  The vineyard produces a wine so deliciously dry that it won an award in Paris, France.   Gabe and Yvonne flew to Paris aboard a 1957 Pan Am Stratocruiser  It was a bumpy first plane ride for Yvonne.   She swore not to go home by ship or portal.

Their alibi is that they were  touring the Louvre during the murder, and did read or hear anything about it, but there are indications Yvonee teleported home to care of an ailing aunt, who lives in a neighboring age.   The plane to Paris took 11 hours.  By teleportation device Yvonne came home in only a few seconds -- a minute and a 1/2 at the most.  This issue of time is a problem for intrepid detectives who try to unravel virtual crimes.  Evil doers can accomplish their goals in a small amount of time.

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