Bethel Holdings

Bethel Holdings is part of the benefactor's bound mystery
So, it was already there when Ruby turned from bind to build.
Bethel Holdings is an original Oakes Valley vineyard.   The castle keep was once situated in a traditional story that Ruby's benefactor loaned her to read.   The folks who manage the castle and the grounds around it produce wine for the characters who frequently show up in novels, and rarely show up in storybuilds.   The Oakes Valley administrators are working out a way to siphon some of the wine back into their story.  This days it is a complicated mess to sort out whether to bind a story or build it.

One of the characters who materializes in  Bethel's keep is Shad Powell.   He is neither of sound mind or sunlit soul.   Since the hamlet would rather think so, Shad is a prime suspect.   There is no way to know whether he was part of the Oakes Valley storybuild on the night in question, but it does not matter to the Oakes Valley police department or kitchen staff at Coronet Gardens (directly situated to the north of the keep).  Shad is the most likely resident to kill, steal or otherwise smoke cigarettes in smoking prohibited areas.  

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