Monday, September 1, 2014

"Wear Your Goggles to the Gold Rush" Launched Today 12 noon EST

Ruby O'Degee's 1st Mount Bethel Mystery storybuild launched today, and just in time.  There was an apparent homicide committed last night at one of most public venues in Oakes Valley. The Grape Stomp Theater is owned  by the Thomas & Daniels Estate and Wine Vineyard.  Bryce Thomas and Bob Daniels are devastated by the news.   Investments in their estate restoration fund will surely plummet.  And there is all the mess and traffic that comes with a murder investigation.

"Surely this fellow, Box Hoglens is (was) a well meaning guy" said Thomas.  "His latest headset invention will change the way folks live their lives, much like the smart phone.  Did he realize everyone would want a piece of his action, including a lot of open simmers?"

Sorry to anyone associated with the Hoglens family.   Beverly Tellerman has been tree calling all night to find his next of kin.   Mr. Hoglens didn't seem to have any.

Between the matter of the homicide and other Oakes Valley dramas, Lester Tellerman, retired private investigator (PI) has his hands and flat feet full.   He needs help soon to solve this crime.  There are rewards, the occasional pat on the back and a Google community set up for wannabe sleuths.   The Office of Circumlocution is looking forward to hearing from them soon.

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