Friday, August 1, 2014

A Very Rules for Experiencing "Wear Goggles to the Gold Rush"

A Mount Bethel Mystery

This murder mystery is played differently than most virtual mystery games.   When you arrive at the scene, the murder already happened, and it is the explorer's job to find the killer.   The explorer/visitor will have 3 full months to investigate the crime.  You will have all sorts of help.   Every resident in Oakes Valley is sure someone else killed the Virtual Goggle headset inventor.  When you find the suspects and the witnesses, expect a different story told from their perspective  (See their original stories here.  Click on the links).

Since the mystery experience will take you awhile, you are asked to solve the crime by November 30, 2014.  Read the instructions carefully and follow the rules.  Before long you will find prizes, collect clues,  earn your Oakes Valley Realm Master Badge, and write your own 200-250 page mystery book.  Yours to share with the Mount Bethel Mystery Lending Library and keep to give away or sell.   What you write on notecards will turn into a bound HUD book that anyone and everyone in the metaverse is sure to read.   The Midtown Ladies Guild guarantees it.

In addition to earning a sleuth's parachute and backpack filled with crime solving tools, you will take the deed to your own Wine Country cottage, based on the very cottages that you can rent for a stay in Napa Valley.

Since the world is being readied for the mystery solving experience, it is now closed to visits until September 1, 2014.   There will be no cost to enter the world.  Hypergrid visitors are most definitely welcome to join in the fun.

*The storybuild game is an honor system game.  There is no financial reward involved.   Prizes are worthy,  and include certification, but not worth "cheating" to get.   Please don't share spoilers, allow everyone to have fun.
  1. Explorers must play out the Mystery Game and show examples of work in order to receive their Realm Master Badge, but they are not required to determine which scenario is correct from the pack of mystery scenarios.  Prize badge and detective parachute

  1. Sleuth candidates must  complete the badge game, and write a 200-250 word narrative to be considered for the extra sleuth award.   Book will be bound and shown by the Mount Bethel Mystery Bookstore, book given to Sleuth to sell or give away.  Upon turning in the 200-250 word story, sleuth will receive pack of likely scenarios to consider and choose the correct one to win the grand prize, A furnished cottage/corpse and tape.

  1. Mystery opens September 1, 2014, closes November 30, 2014.   Prizes will be awarded as sleuths earn them,  Winners will be posted in the Mount Bethel Mystery Store, and will be interviewed for the next edition of Oakes Valley Sheet, in time for the special holiday mystery coming next.

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