Friday, August 1, 2014

The Story is Afoot - Mount Bethel Mysteries "Wear Goggles to the Gold Rush"

Today the suspects lined up to confirm their stories with the local Oakes Valley Police Department and Midtown Arts Museum curator, Ruby O'Degee.   Their suspicious alibis are found to the right of the blog.

Ruby thought it would be challenging to assemble the badge laid out on the coffee table by the Midtown Ladies Guild.  Her clues were the corpse of a headset inventor wrapped in a plastic garbage bag, a yellow chalk line, a bloody hand print, a photograph taken near the location of the crime, and a pile of crime scene tape.   After she coughed loudly enough for the ladies to notice her shock at their lack of emotion - -  brought to her mind the tale of  Arsenic and Old Lace, Ruby went to work.

It was a good deal more fun than she expected.  Now the badge is ready to offer any Realm Master who solves the Mount Bethel Mystery, Wear Goggles and the Gold Rush, once it opens for solving sometime in August.   Below you will find a photo of the badge.  Ruby is pleased that one of her Oakes Valley vineyard owners is going to get nabbed.   They are complainers in the world she wrote at the request of Mrs. Sophia Diego, who is still disgusted there is yet no putt-putt golf or indoor water park in the region.  

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